Felt vs. Rubber Wading Boots

  HODG_-HIP-WADER (1)Those who fish in Estes Park or are fishing around, CO knows what challenges may be found to find the right wading boots.Over the years, the technology has improved, and the wading boots have changed.In addition to the style, the fisherman is the most difficult decision to go to the solid rubber sole or insist on using more traditional felt soles.This may be a difficult decision, but I hope that we can help you clarify this problem at Coco’s flying shop.

  The traditional choice of fishermen has always been the soles of the felt.For fishingmen, these wading boots are a great choice to spend time in sandy or gravel and lakes.The soles of the felt can also make the fishingman have a good grip in the water, thereby reducing the possibility of slippery.These are not the choice of fishing in winter.Unfortunately, the only water -related boots are prohibited in some states.The bottom of the felt shoe may be picked up, a parasite, invading species, bacteria and creatures that can be transferred to different water bodies.Although there is no ban in Colorado, it knows which state thinks it is not allowed to be used.

  As an alternative to feeling soles and shoes, rubber soles are becoming more and more popular worldwide.All the boots around these rubber soles can work well under all types of conditions.They are also the right choices for flying fishing in winter, because their soles perform better in the snow.Many of these wading boots also allow the wearer to choose to add metal threads to the soles to improve the traction of fast flowing or water -skisting river.

  Before you go to Estes Park Fly Fishing, it is best to contact Kirk’s flying shop about river and weather conditions.Conditions will determine the type of water -related boots you should carry with you.