These expert tips give will help you get started with fly fishing. It could become your new favorite outdoor sport!

  After the release of the film in 1992, a river flows through the novel of Norman Maclean, which is essentially the first time to introduce the art of flying fishing into the public consciousness.After the film was released, the interest in fishing immediately doubled.The relationship between the United States and this sport has officially started.And there are sufficient reasons.Anyone who flys will tell you that this sport is magic.Going out in fresh air, a person with nature is exciting, meditation, and even bring you exercise.If you have considered trying fishing, then you are here.We have signed in with the master fly fisherman to break down the basic elements and what you need to start.It may be your favorite outdoor sports!

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  Although other fishing methods involve the hooks and sinking slices of casting bait, or artificial bait tied to the end of the light. Flying fishing is thicker, and the heavier lines are cast into the air with almost no heavy flies."Fly" is the reason for the name "Flying Fishing".At the end of the fishing line, this is a lightweight artificial bait that attracted it.Flies can imitate flies or other insects, and they are different in size and shape according to what you want to capture.

  In addition, the idea behind fishing is almost a game, and the flies that deceive fish at the end of the end of the fish is a real transaction.Many flying fish people want to challenge themselves in a more difficult fishing form, rather than trying to capture as much fish as possible.This is not to say that you will not fish, because you will.

  Fishing flies are usually composed of mixtures of feathers and fur, metal, wool and/or various synthetic materials, and carefully tied them to hooks with special threads.Flys are usually similar to wings or terrestrial insects, small bait fish or other fish, such as catfish, sea bass and salmon.

  Streaming media are usually abstract of bait fish.

Flying flies float on the surface like winged insects.

Wet flies below the water, the pattern looks like a drowning May flies.This category also includes salmon flies. These salmon flies are colorful and are usually carefully made of abstract fruit flies, which are tied to foreign materials.For some people, these represent the pinnacle of flies abduction of art.

Bybram imitates the form of aquatic insects.

Ant, beetle, and o Hoppers.

You can imitate saline flies with various small fish, shrimp, eels, crabs and other marine fish foods.

Bait casting and flight casting requires very different technologies.They also need different hardware to transport the valid load to fish.The bait casting puts the bait into the water sinking in the water, and the fly casting requires more skills, so the flies of the flies dance almost like the surface.It needs to use shoulders, arms, wrists, and poles to control the ring of special coating lines, and bring it to a beautiful path so that it can gently fall into the water.This is called "presenting flies".Then, either allows entering the area where the fish is eating or moving in the water to imitate live fish food.

  Starting from fishing, beginners need to buy some specialized sparts, gears and clothes.In addition to all "things", there are some important skills to get.You can get these from the experienced fishingrs who are willing to teach you or class.This also requires some family learning; the practice of the backyard can definitely make the learning curve easier and more interesting.

  The information and skills involved in an excellent flying fisherman seem to be daunting, but we can let you start learning the meaningful movement of fishing fish in the steps of these five beginners:

  You must choose a flying rod, scroll and line combination that is suitable for capture, or sturgeon from your favorite lake, or any amount of saline fish on the ocean ship.The gear of each stone cooked field and the flies used will vary from fish.

  Here, you must seek help from the local clothing dealers.Explain that you are a beginner and want to "include ROD, Reel, Backing, LINE and Leader," (budget combination clothing, "(do not need to destroy the bank at the beginning of the first start).

  Suppose you follow freshwater catfish from the inland stream, stream or river.

The all -round all -around freshwater clothing of catfish starts from 8 feet to 8 feet and half feet of "No. 5 size" flying rod.You don’t have to worry about size numbers at first. In addition to the greater the number of understanding, the larger the fish.The 5 -weight rod is a type of flies in the middle, which is very suitable for most catfish (1 or 2 weight rods are considered to be a high professional tool in small local creek catfish).

  Your flying scroll will match your rod and line size and fill in some woven nylon lining.This support is not used for casting, but a strong fish running for you to run with a flies, dragging the flight line from the wire shaft.One of the most exciting experiences in this sport is to "touch the defender".This means that you face a challenging battle!

  Your clothing will tie the lining to the actual flight line. You will use it for casting, and it will match your rod and scroll (see the comments below).The flight line is thicker than the back, with special smooth coating, which can easily reduce it through the rod catheter, as well as floats or sinks, and gradually reduce it to help cast it.The flight line usually has a high visible color and is easy to see.But in the end, it is a flying line leader, which is made of materials designed to be invisible in the water.This is unlikely to scare catfish, this is the possibility of tie the flies together.

  Note about flying scrolls:

It is important whether you are left -handed or right -handed.The right -handed fisherman will hold the right hand of the flying rod, manage the flight line and retrieve it with his left hand.The fly scroll is sitting near the hips of the pole, (usually cork) grip, always facing the ground.The reason why you are called "thoroughs" is because you always grab the flight line with that hand.All flying scrolls can be turned from the left to the right hand to search.If you are left -handed, please tell your clothing.

  Salmon flies, split sugarcane flying fishing rods and scrolls on the rustic white wooden backgroundSalmon flies, split sugarcane flying fishing rods and scrolls on the rustic white wooden background

For catfish fishing, please choose all kinds of flies that are suitable for fishing.Similarly, your clothing dealers or experienced fishermen can help you.It is a good thing to start with some traditional attractive subcutants.Stem flies, such as Adams, elk fur and Royal Wolf.Just like some female nymphs, such as the ears of the rabbit, the prince and "Brassie".One or two ribbons, such as Mickey Finn, DACE and muddy laughter of black nose, are also classic.Finally, pick up several "standby flies" size, called Wooly Bugger, which is a fluffy classic sub -surface flies that proves that the flies can have a fierce strike.Then ask your clothing dealer to ask the budget flying box with silicone or foam inserts to hold the flies.

  Flying fishermen’s basic stream tools are:

  Stop hemostasis -to remove flies from the jaw bone you caught.

Nip -is similar to nail scissors for cutting single -silk leaders.

Tips -the end of the tapered leader at the end of a very thin single channel, it is fixed on the flies.During the day of fishing, the thinnest part of the leader needs to be replaced.Therefore, you need to carry a 5x small line shaft to repair the last few inches of the leader.

Flying Floating -This is a wax paste, you can rub on the dry flies and float in the water in the water.

Log in to the net -you will use OOP fish nets.There is no need to buy the most expensive net as beginners, but to choose a light, sturdy, wooden frame and rubber mesh.It is a good idea to connect to the magnetic release of the fishing vest.

Creel (basket) -If you want to eat fishing instead of release capture, then your Craier will keep the fish cool during transportation to the fried pan.Practical canvas cream with ethylene lining do well.

The "memo" -print output of printing, you need to be tied as a flying fisherman.Even if you buy a rod and scroll combination for you, it is best to learn how to knot for yourself.There are some videos online to teach you how to do it through your mobile phone.You can also make books on the pocket water carried in the vest.

You will need a hat, wearing edges, baseball caps, polarized sunglasses, flies vests (short length) or fishing shirts, with a large number of pockets, a hydrophilicer with reserves and water -related boots.Some flying fish vests are expensive, so as beginners, you can only choose a utility.

  Watering is one of the most expensive items that beginners need to get.In warm weather, you can only use shorts "Wet Wade" old sports shoes, but wading will keep you dry and comfortable, protect anything in your pocket (think of telephones and wallets), they will definitely take a carGoing home is more pleasant than wearing wet the breathability of good customer comments, fill the wader of cotton cloth.Avoid using the cheapest ethylene water -related or built -in boots.Make sure they are suitable for you and comfortable.For the wading boots, store sales, sockets, look for lightweight and comfortable boots with felt soles.According to the wading style, you may need to be accompanied by the guardian guards. As the name suggests, you can prevent mud, sand or gravel on the wading boots.You need to provide an important item needed for wading, which is a wading employee, also known as … a stick.It can provide a balance when moving water and feet.

  Like the knot, there are many videos on the flying flies.You will be surprised how much you can learn from the video.However, the best way to feel the exercise and rhythm is to get a lesson from the experienced flying fishermen and practice in the backyard.Use the old flies (cutting the hook with a tool) to practice.Flying casting is about the precise exercise of the arm and wrist, which will cause the pole to bend and transfer the momentum to the line.

  The most important skill in mastering is to apply power to the variable application of cast strokes and suddenly stop exercise, which allows you to control the circuit of the flight line when you walk back and forth in the air of the flight line.

  After the flies landed, the next skill to be picked up was called the "repair" line.This is a way to keep flies floating in the downstream in a natural way.It is mainly intuitive. The light bomb of the rod is raised slightly from the water, and then thrown it to the leader’s upstream.If the flying line starts to drag the flies unnaturally, it is time to raise the line from the water and cast it again.

  The best way to master these technologies is to try out.Ask questions, browse the Internet, and use local flying fishing enthusiasts.It is expected that some flies will be lost on the trees at the beginning, and you are ready to wrap and knots among the leaders of the leader, but soon, you can start to accurately put the flies in the desired position.You will drift in front of the hungry catfish nose, see the splash of strikes, and then you will be as charming as that fish!

  I wish you good luck, or in the words of traditional flying fishermen, "close line!"