Fridays on the Fly | An Ode to the Bronzeback

Friday Instantly | Bronze Back Elm

  Born and breed under the ruthless climate. In the hot summer, the cold winter, heavy rain and drought; the endless violent attack will kill him or make him stronger. From the beginning, he adapted to this environment and led his fierceness and tenacity. He challenges his strength and courage every day. Striped cheeks, olive -colored and bronze wars with decorative spotted camouflage, pretending to be a skilled and keen predator.

  Participating in the battle, this fierce creature is not equal. Along with the special forces tied in the air, they will test the true courage of those brave people in order to get involved in his unique courage. If the opponent is worthwhile and unswerving, they may join the realm of people who admire his fashion, muscles and charming piscists, and deserve the highest respect.

  Scott smally 2

  The MicroPterus Dolomieu is shrouded in the thoughts of the fishermen, the greatest and most well -known river in the southeast, seeking truly vibrant and enrichment of quarry. The Small Emouth Bass has successfully spread to the United States, and discovered it east of Abbarachia before the civil war. The solidity of this species allows it to occupy various habitats, and the range of many other fish in the southeast is limited.


  The small mouth is really carefully designed as an effective and exquisite predator, and is an opportunity to hunter. As the hot environment fades in this year, our small mouth regulates its metabolism needs, and has a variety of feed species in our river system. Crayfish, scaffolding, bait, Hell Grassis, cicada and tofu are just samples for cooking every day. Small mouths are often found in dark wall racks, Logjams or bottom -cut banks seeking refuge, they will ambush their prey, and find in water similar to wild brown catfish. This exquisite fish lives in the shallow beach, rocks and complicated areas of rocks.

  The small mouth is the best quality of the dynamic game fish of the fly shovel on the goal of hiking or through the ship. During the six to seven months of activities, the diversity of flies and methods we were pursuing was very wide. The behavior of sinking lines and multi -hook flies to the surface and imitation of this fish determines our targeted way. The bronze shoulders and wide olive sides of small mouths are often amazing with amazing power and beliefs. It uses river and natural vitality to test the perseverance of the most experienced fisheries.

  Nili Ranner

  Bleary’s eyes and considerable motivation. I gave up the comfort of the hammock. The wing was the beauty of the James River, and the quiet morning waters. I slowly entered the depths of my waist and seduced the position of my fish in the late summer trend. My sense of awakening shows me that Popper will be a supplement to my toes, which is the buzz of my awakening feeling. On the long and tight cycle of my online, the worm landed from the river bank and subtly repaired my flies. When I discern my nose and nose, it will drift tail water, and the insects disappear.

  Smiling swing cakeLarge sets make the line full of attractiveness, while the fish beating and rolling, showing his strength and beauty. He buried his head and the battle began. Left, right, tearing line, test resistance and my spart limit, this fish is a force that cannot be ignored. After many foam running and jumping, the familiar sand skin of the lower lip was put on hold calmly under my right thumb. When he rest peacefully in the water and enhances his strength, this tired and trusted fish to the eyes of my scarlet eyes. The quiet admiration is always linked to our world, and it is full of my dream of the wild and wild fish. When I watched him swim, keep life satisfaction, and at the same time enjoy its existence and awe.

  Scott Osborne is the fly fishing guide of Albemarle Angler, Charlottesville, Virginia. Check them on Facebook.