Fridays on the Fly: Lowcountry Redfish 101

Friday instant: Lowcountry Redfish 101

  When the red fish involved in fishing, there is actually no special "how" it can automatically attract your fish.

  According to my experience, you have to come here to be immersed in the world of fishing in the world. You also need to accept such a fact, that is, the fishing god may not bring you the best conditions. That’s why I finally moved here. There is no attractiveness in other areas, and fishing is a reward.

  I am not saying that this is a situation of love/hatred, but a kind of love/love/hate/love scene. This is no different from other saline destinations. There is a trendy trend (huge) is the standard tropical weather, and there are a lot of water, which makes all different types of challenges challenge. When you hold that kind of meat scales, they will become more sweet. Ginger that loves very much.

  Now, I have given you an exemptional statement, that is, red fish is not easy to capture them. The best suggestion I can provide is to go out and wet your feet.

  If I want to choose a good time to check the whole thing, it will be 3 or 4 days after the new month or full moon. The tide will be high enough to get water on the higher Subadin grass flat shoes, so that the small animals we desire (SHEEPSHEAD, and other goals) we desire.

  If you do not have a boat, this formula is more important. These apartments are hard ground, allowing you to get involved in a large number of areas to find red suspension flags. I let the fish move 10 feet from bad actors. I have been cast on the nose of the fish scared by Halloween, but in this case, it is easy to catch them.

  After the fishingman kept it there to see what would happen, I had seen the red fly from the grass. I believe that this part can be left with nearly red fish, you can dream of it. I really didn’t say anything.

  The fish I caught in the tide recently was a bit strange. The fish is in the tail, but it is not very confident. He will follow, disappear … tail, disappear. Therefore, I put it on the right side of the position I saw last time.

  I peeled off the crab pattern, which was very short and slow, hoping to make some movements, but also kept the flies "in the area" for a longer time. After dragging it to the bottom of the mud about 10 feet, I hit the grass, which was never good.

  I had to actively strip the flying from the grass, and then I couldn’t believe that we did not win the winner in this case. I went away and cast it again. If there was no fish on the abandoned flies I died, damn it.

  Therefore, in this case, I did it right, but when I gave up, the fish yielded. I don’t think I should catch this fish, but in the NED of the day, it is my fish and five cups and cold beer wells.

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  Paul Puckett is Charleston, an artist in SC, and one of the co -founders of Flood Tide Co.. When he was not in the giant red fish in real time, he was making popular flies fishing theme arts, playing guitar or developing flood trends, which made him an indispensable part of outdoor outdoor scenes. In order to keep up with the follow -up of Paul and the flood, follow him on Instagram.






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