Instagram Takeover: Kyle LaFerriere

Instagram acquisition: Kyle Laferriere

  This month’s Instagram takes over the fishermen, photographers and outdoor Kyle Laferriere. Kyle (Kyle) adopted a slightly different way. He used his photos to tell a story, telling how he was immersed in the world of flying fishing and subsequent friendship. read!

  It is what I have done with my wife and my wife on Thursday in the past. We are always excited about the newcomers, but when a person appears and says he likes fishing, I am really excited.

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  Zach and his fiance just moved out of Colorado for the past three years, where he was used as a fly fishing guide. I quickly bombed him and told him about SHAD fishing and the situation where it was about to move forward. I asked him if he wanted to fish within two days, tell him where I was going, and I wanted to take pictures for him. I explained that it would be cold, maybe it was painful, but we would catch fish. To my surprise, he appeared, and our friendship began.

  Fishing is always what I admire from a distance. I hope that one day I can be good at here, and dream of becoming an old man, teaching my grandson how to cast a flying rod. I have a few friends to do this, but for some reason, I am satisfied with the rotating stick.

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  When @zjmadison talked about a place located on the mountain, a dirt road took you to the wide steam of the bus, and I was a little doubtful, but I got on the car and went to the Radian River. Zach prepared a flying pole for me and was willing to teach me how he. I remember: "Well, if we don’t catch any fish … at least we can meet in the woods and outside."

  In our trip to the Radian River, I soon doubted my early doubt. The toes of my toes in the cold water were humble, and I looked at @zjmadison to create art with a flying rod. This is something I have never seen before. You can say that I am fascinated. The sun began to stare at the secluded forest around us, everything started.

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  The perfectly placed in front of the small waterfall is our first temptation of Brook. The explosion of water and fish hooks. Watching Zach’s fight is like watching eight -year -old children on Christmas morning. You can see the joy written on his face. He pulled this spots of fish to the water and said, "I have cured."

  I was a little confused about his remarks, but soon I remembered that he was fishing 6 days a week in the previous life of Colorado, 8 hours a day. This lifestyle is rooted in him. These experiences were deeply missed. Later that night, under the bonfire party, I asked him why he left a guide in exchange for the work behind the table. He answered softly: "Life is more than fishing. I can’t do it forever, I want to settle down and start a new life. Now I fish with you in Risan."

  When my wife told me that when she went to a girl to go to the beach on weekends with the fiance of @zjmadison, I soon knew what this meant about my weekend. I have to call Zach.Screen-Shot-2016-09-19-A9-21-23-AMWe want to get 2 permits of the 4 licenses. We missed a few minutes of permits, but knowing a place near Moxi Creek, we can walk around in the farmland, be entangled by cows, and finally enter the water. He said, "But please rest assured that we still catch fish." After our first trip on the Rapidan River, I soon learned not to doubt his thoughts and him. Zac is right again. We were entangled by cattle when we were bulling from the Spring Fed Creek in the Spring Fede. Wake up the call is worth it.

  In the summer, in the case of catfish fishing, we started a fishing team of Wednesday night. We flew around the James River, and the James River went straight to the Richmn in Virginia, hoping to find a small mouth.

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  We all succeeded, Zach still caught the biggest fish, but I learned that this is not always about fishing. My memories I shared with a friend who I only know 6 months and the summer of 2016 will emerge in my mind. @zjmadison not only promoted me to capture better fish, but he promoted me to become a better person. We shared the struggle and joy in daily life in water and water.

  Through the camera lens and flying rod, I do something outside to view and experience the beauty of nature, but I also do these things to experience friendship, and create lasting memories, which passed to my children and their children a day.